After their first Japan solo stone sculptures exhibition in 1992, Satoshi and Louise began working on an ambitious project of creating a sculpture garden on their 100-acre property. They began “cutting” large non-commissioned sculptures for this project, while at the same time trying to raise financing and find sponsors. Thus, sculptures such as Auguring Time and Key to the Sun resided on the farm for a few months and others, like Stone Wind, High and Low Rest Upon Each Other and Alba were taking shape in model forms. Entre la pierre et l'air which was also among this group of sculptures found residence in Satoshi's hometown in the garden of collector Mikiyasu Miyashita. Satoshi and Louise were fully committed to their stonework during these years; the transition period from ceramic to stone sculpture was now well behind them; they were now designing shapes with stone as the material in mind.


The sculpture garden failed to materialize beyond a half dozen sculptures installed on the property, but from this very intense and productive period a series of sales and commissioned works originated, as did their second Japanese exhibition of stone sculptures.






The sculpture garden


Benoit Saito

Antoine Saito and Satoshi Saito